Make Sure Your Vendors Have Insurance / Licensed

When choosing a vendor, myself, I took several things into consideration for my big day. Most are pretty common. Price, style, referrals from friends, portfolio work, personality type. But today I want to touch base on one that most people don’t check and it can save you a possibly large headache and money down the road. As the years have passed in this industry, we vendors have started to see a new trend. UNLICENSED, UNINSURED VENDORS.

The makeup and hair industry is full of vendors who claim to be verified makeup artists and weddings hair stylist but most likely they have just taken a small online course or have just watched lots of YouTube videos and practiced on friends. What could this mean for your big day if you have selected a person who is not licensed and insured?

Well to start, most likely they have never had any formal training on sanitation and proper cleaning care for their kits…yup that’s right…they are using the same mascara wand on you they have used on previous people or uncleaned brushes that may have touched a face that had a bacterial issue. Yikes!!

I’ve seen many brides hire someone they found through a friend only to suffer from pink eye or a skin rash on their big day or honeymoon because they hired a person who wasn’t trained and inspected by the board to be operating. Next issue some will run into is hiring someone who doesn’t have insurance. Doesn’t seem like a big issue until it is.

What happens when the bride breaks out in a horrible skin rash due to uncleaned makeup? Can you imagine getting ready to walk down the isle and your face being blood red and you itching all the way down to meet your groom? How about your makeup lady accidentally stabbing you in the eye. Total accident, but now you have a scratched cornea and require a doctors visit and eye drops. $500 later and your makeup lady can only say “sorry” In conclusion, when searching for a vendor, I highly suggest asking to see insurance and licensing information.

TIP: For vendors who are required to have a license: It’s so easy to pull up on the website. In Indiana it’s actually illegal to be paid without a license unless working for a modeling union.

Choose your vendors with your best interest and safety in mind. Choose vendors who have taken the time to make sure you have the best experience possible because they have been trained to provide it. Congratulation on your big day, may it be all you’ve dreamed of and more and may you find the perfect vendors to help make all your dreams come true! 

John Hobelman Author
Morgan Is a licensed medical esthetician and day spa owner out of Elwood, Indiana. She has been providing airbrush makeup for special occasion and print work for the last 12 years all over the Eastern United States.
Morgan is married with three boys and loves splitting her time between working and traveling with her family. Morgan specializes in airbrush makeup as well as high end spray tanning, skin care, and is a master body waxer and permanent makeup artist.
Morgan is licensed as a day spa as well as mobile salon, so she can accommodate any location and comes fully insured and does continued education yearly to provide you the best and safest experience on your big day.

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