The Rules To Alcohol and Indiana Weddings

If you are planning a wedding then you are probably wondering what the rules are in regards to the greatest social lubricant known to human kind: Alcohol.

Grab a glass of your favorite beverage and sit down for this, this more than likely is going to require more time then waiting in line at Starbucks.

So I decided to chat with one of Indiana’s Alcohol Goddesses to help us sort through the myths, misconceptions, and the all time Facebook know it all’s.

Michelle Bantle over at Poured to Perfection took some time out of her busy day to chat with us over a zoom call.

So the rules about serving your distinct guests at your wedding vary in Indiana depending on a two things.

1. Private property

2. Rented Venue

Private Property

If your event is on private property, there are no laws, as to who can supply the alcohol, or as to what can be served. This means you can buy and serve all the beer, wine, and liquor you want.

You don’t need a someone with a permit to serve or any special permits from the state.  We do recommend that you still find a licensed bartender to serve up drinks.

Pro tip: You may want to consult with your home owners insurance agent and you may want to purchase special insurance in regards to your wedding and providing alcohol to your guests.

Rented Venue

Now things get a little more complicated but you have options.

At a rented venue in the state of Indiana, the laws are as follows: You must have a license or permit to have the alcohol at the venue.

These are known as:

⦿ 3-way

⦿ 2-way

⦿ Supplemental

⦿ Temporary Beer and Wine

☛  This is not the same as an employee permit (also known as a “Liquor License”) The employee permit allows an individual to serve it at the permitted establishment.

If you want hard alcohol, such as Crown Royal, Bacardi, Grey Goose, etc- you must hire a caterer who holds a 3-way/ or supplemental license. They must file for a catering 222, then obtain, supply, account for all of the alcohol.

Couples can obtain a temporary beer and wine permit. This permit allows you to supply your own beer and wine, you just need licensed bartenders to serve the alcohol.

The Rules Of The Temporary Beer And Wine Permit Are As Follows:

1. You must have the permit.
2. You must have licensed bartenders serve.
3. All alcohol must be under 21%
4. Any body can supply the alcohol.
5. Once the party starts there is no carry in or out privileges. (means you can’t make beer runs if you run out. So stock up!)
6. If minors are present there must be a separate non-alcoholic station.
7. At the end of the night all open bottles of wine must be dumped out as there can not be anyone leaving with an open container.

Pro Tips To Consider:

☛  Before you buy beer or wine in volume check with the store if they allow unopened returns.  Ask about each and talk to a store manager to verify.  This is up to the store if they are willing to accept returns on unopened alcohol in the state of Indiana.

☛  You might want to steer away from kegs.  At one time kegs were one of the easiest and most cost effect route to go for a large function.  More often than not, this is no longer the case.

Most liquor stores no longer offer kegs, and if they do they are special order. You must put down a deposit for the keg, and the keg has to be picked up and returned by the person who made the deposit.  Any beer left  unused is just wasted.

☛  Benefit of going with cases of beer is it will allow you to have a larger selection of  beverages for your guests.  Cases of beer are unlikely to go wasted as they can easily be used at a later date.

John Hobelman Author

About the Author: Michael Nickolich is all about weddings, and even in his sleep he dreams about weddings.

He specializes in wedding entertainment, and is hyper focused on his clients needs.

He works for Lights Out Entertainment and is always there for others in and out of the industry.

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