Why Is A Great DJ Important?

6 Reasons Why A Great DJ Is Important

I was asked to give my thoughts on the importance of selecting good entertainment and MC for your wedding and event. As I run a venue in Indianapolis, I get front-row view of how important the right selection is.

I’ll start with the critical part first, once you say ‘I do’ your day is in the hands of the idiot, err professional with the microphone. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important this vendor selection is. It’s not the place to look for deals and discounts!

The hallmarks of a great wedding DJ: They keep the focus on their couple, they provide the entertainment but they aren’t the center of attention!

⦿ A professional wedding DJ will often act as MC for announcements and intros.

⦿ A professional wedding DJ makes their living from their profession and they treat it very seriously.

⦿ A professional wedding DJ will have great gear and will make you feel comfortable with their experience.

⦿ A professional wedding DJ will have a subwoofer to bring (makes ALL the difference for dancing, trust me!)

⦿ A great wedding DJ will seek to understand your unique style and musical tastes! They will spend hours of prep time building a show list that you will love!

⦿ A good wedding DJ will assist and educate if they sense potential trouble. They will draw on their experience.

I’ll wrap with this.

My advice on the top 3 vendors that you will want to book first is this:


1. Venue

2. Photographer

3. DJ / Entertainment

Happy Booking Your Wedding Professionals!  ?

John Hobelman


John Hobelman Author

About the Author: John is a charismatic venue director at Neidhammer,  an event venue located in Indianapolis.

John’s commitment to events especially weddings is one that is often unsurpassed.  Indiana is fortunate to have a leader like John in the wedding industry.

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