How to ask for wedding vendor suggestions online.

Some of the most common mistakes in online forums/groups is this:

“Need suggestions for photographers that don’t cost an arm or leg.”
“I am looking for an affordable DJ. Give me your suggestions.”
“I need a reasonably priced venue. Where are all the reasonably priced venues?”
“Looking for an inexpensive videographer. Drop name below.”

Let’s face it NO ONE has a blank check for their wedding.

Inexpensive, reasonably priced, affordable, cost-effective, decently priced are all relative to you. What one person defines as affordable, someone else may consider it extremely expensive, and others might find it very cheap.

I also would like to make one thing very clear. You usually do get what you pay for. Pro Tip: It would be wise to come back to Indiana Wedding Pros to see what the suggested vendor’s ratings look like.

You can’t expect a 1 star run-down motel on the side of the interstate in a seedy part of town to deliver 5-star resort accommodations.

Be Honest.

For example, if your budget is is 2000 for a venue, let people know.

“I am looking for a venue in September that is not more than 2k for the day.”

Let’s say you have some additional qualifiers. You are inviting 225 people, and it needs to be wheelchair accessible. Also, it needs to be close to the city. You should include all of the must-haves when asking for suggestions.

“I am looking for a venue in September of this year that is no more than 2k. My guest list is about 230, and it needs to be wheelchair accessible. Would prefer suggestions no further away from X (city).”

I love weddings, and I could give all kinds of recommendations as a special events professional. However, it is a waste of my time to suggest to you a venue that costs 8k for the day, if 2k is your max budget. Most importantly, it is a waste of your time investigating a venue that is far outside of your budget!

P.S. No one pays their bills with arms and legs.


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